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Bill Hudson

Executive Director

ASPIRE Program Director

Bill Hudson

Meet Bill Hudson, a dedicated advocate for the common good who has spent over thirty years leading nonprofit organizations. His passion for making a difference led him to co-found the Family Child Care Alliance of Maryland in 2020, where he currently serves as the Executive Director. Bill also takes on the role of Project Manager for the Alliance's ASPIRE Pre-K program.

In recognition of his expertise and commitment, Bill was chosen as the co-chair of the Maryland Family Child Care Task Force in 2021, an initiative sponsored by the Maryland State Department of Education. Additionally, he has contributed his insights as a member of the Maryland Early Childhood Workforce Subcommittee on Technology.Before joining the Alliance, Bill served as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Association for Family Child Care (NAFCC), an organization dedicated to advancing the field of family child care nationwide. In this capacity, he not only supported NAFCC members but also worked on the core task force for the Power to the Profession initiative sponsored by NAEYC, which aimed to propel the entire Early Care and Education field forward. Bill's dedication extended to his involvement with the National Birth to Age 8 Workforce committee and the Early Care and Education Innovation Collaborative, both sponsored by the National Academy of Medicine.

Bill's commitment to nonprofit excellence goes beyond his work in child care. He has an impressive track record of serving on numerous nonprofit boards, leveraging his expertise to improve their effectiveness. He has been involved with organizations such as nonprofit child care centers, staffed family child care networks, and currently serves on the board of the Virginia Alliance for Family Child Care Associations.

Academically, Bill holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He currently resides in Reston, VA, where he balances his professional endeavors with cherished family time, enjoying the company of his grandchildren. When he's not advocating for family child care or nurturing nonprofit boards, you might find Bill exploring new sports, embarking on travel adventures, pondering ways to enhance nonprofit governance, indulging in theater, or battling his serious addiction to pizza.

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