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ASPIRE is a project of the Family Child Care Alliance of Maryland, a non-profit organization that represents and supports family child care providers.

History of ASPIRE Program

2018 – A group of early childhood providers, advocates, and experts come together and plan a support network for the family child care community. 

2020 - Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Alliance begins a project with funding from MSDE to include family child care in state-funded Pre-K. That first year, one coach supported 15 providers teaching and caring for 40 eligible children.

2022 – The school year begins with 60 participants, almost half of whom receive funds for eligible Pre-K children. The staff explodes to 10 full-time coaches, and by December there are 130 children enrolled in the funded Pre-K programs. 

Join the ASPIRE mission to see what's to come in 2024

History Infographic for ASPIRE from 2018 to 2024

2019 – The Family Child Care Alliance (Alliance) has its first board meeting and becomes incorporated, receiving 501c3 non-profit status.

2021 – The Pre-K program is re-imagined and branded ASPIRE. Four new coaches join the staff, and in addition to the 12 funded educators, the program includes support for providers working towards their certification goals. 

2023 – Planning for the 2023-2024 school year includes recruitment of additional Pre-K certified providers, offering Core of Knowledge trainings, delivering a Theory of Change and premiering a unique coaching model created specifically for Pre-K in family child care.

Join the ASPIRE mission to see what's to come in 2025

Our Goals

For Educators

Expand the number of P3 certified teachers

Streamline the degree pathway for ECE and remove barriers.

Increase the number of ASPIRE providers with degrees

For Children

Support the next generation of Maryland's youngest learners

Implement high quality Pre-K in a mixed age group

Assess and address each child's needs

For Families

Grow the number of FCC providers eligible to teach PreK

Quality childcare available to all families.

Support family involvement in and out of the classroom

Our Partners

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