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A New Era for Early Childhood Education


Welcome to Maryland's ASPIRE PreK program, where we are dedicated to creating a brighter future for both children and educators alike. Our mission extends beyond providing high-quality early childhood education; we firmly believe in the power of investing in the development and support of our educators to ensure their success and the success of every child in their program. We’re also committed to working with stakeholders around the state to build partnerships to advance PreK in Maryland. That’s because we believe Maryland is building one of the best PreK systems in the country.

In a mere three years since its inception, the ASPIRE program has made significant strides in transforming family child care in Maryland. We have experienced exponential growth, witnessing a twenty-fold increase in the number of family child care educators participating in PreK, empowering them to provide exceptional care and education to our children. Moreover, the quality instruction happening in ASPIRE PreK programs is benefiting hundreds of children around the state, making a profound impact on their lives. Become a part of this remarkable journey by exploring our website. Get to know us, learn how the ASPIRE PreK program can benefit you, and discover meaningful opportunities to get involved. Together, let's shape a brighter future for Maryland's children, one PreK program at a time.

Preschool Kids listening to teacher at APSIRE


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