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What is ASPIRE PreK?

Welcome to the incredible world of ASPIRE PreK, where ordinary moments become extraordinary milestones! Created in 2020 and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education, the innovative ASPIRE PreK program ensures a loving and nurturing haven where your child's happiness and growth are the first priorities. Our exceptional educators will empower your little one with the skills and knowledge to conquer kindergarten and lay a rock-solid foundation for a future brimming with success.

You now have another great choice of where your child can attend PreK!

PreK in a Home-based Setting?

To expand parents' choices as to what is best for their child, Maryland is leading the way with an innovative program designed to create high-quality PreK programs in home-based child care businesses, or family child care as we call it. Why choose a home-based PreK program for your child? There are a host of great reasons!

Why Choose an ASPIRE PreK Program for Your Child?

Peace of Mind

All ASPIRE PreK homes meet Maryland state licensing standards for health and safety in home-based child care programs (commonly called family child care). ASPIRE PreK providers eligible to provide state-funded PreK all have a bachelor's degree or better and countless hours of training in child development. Plus, they regularly work with an ASPIRE PreK coach to continually improve their teaching practice and program.

More Personalized Care

Most ASPIRE PreK programs have eight children or fewer in their programs.* This means there is more personalized attention and care for your child. Our research-based education system is designed to allow your child's teacher the flexibility to tailor activities and routines to your child's needs and interests. Another advantage to family child care programs is the smaller group size means your child has less exposure to disease. *(A few of our programs may have up to the maximum of twelve children, which requires a teacher and an assistant. This makes for a ratio of one teacher or assistant teacher for every six children in the program.)

Home-Like Environment

Because our programs are run from inside the teacher's home, it can make it easier for younger children or those new to child care. In addition, in family child care programs, you may find a program where the teacher shares your cultural background, speaks your family's language, and serves foods your child is familiar with. 

Continuity of Care

Decades of research have made it clear young children thrive when they have a consistent relationship with a trusted adult. There is dramatically less staff turnover in ASPIRE PreK programs, which means your child can have a loving, supportive relationship with the same teacher for several years. And those relationships can often last a lifetime. It is fairly common to hear of family child care educators tell us the kids they cared for years ago have grown up, and are now bringing their babies to the educator they knew and loved as kids. 

You Have a Partner

The caring relationship between your child and the teacher is not the only relationship that develops in ASPIRE PreK programs. Our teachers are committed to being your partner to support your efforts to raise happy, healthy, and confident children. You will have the chance to speak to your child's teacher often and learn about how your child is developing on a regular basis. 

More Flexible Hours

Nearly all of our ASPIRE PreK programs offer before and aftercare. Some even provide evening and weekend care. With today's busy families, that flexibility can reduce the stress of trying to make standard school hours work for your family. 

Potential for Sibling Care

Many of our ASPIRE PreK programs accept children from birth to age five. This means you may find a program where you can take your PreK-aged child and a younger sibling to the same program. Research has shown that these mixed-age PreK programs have notable advantages for children.  

How Much Does it Cost?

To qualify for state-funded PreK, ONE of these criteria must be met:

Your family's household income does not exceed 300% of the Federal Income Eligibility Guidelines

Your family speaks a language other than English in the home.

Your child has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP)

Your child is homeless (lacks a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence).

Your child is in formal or informal foster care

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